Second and Third Grades

Mrs. Becky Reber teaches 2nd & 3rd-grade students. She decided to take on the Teal Team teaching position at HLS because both of her children went to HLS from preschool to 6th grade. She has supported and helped out at the school in various jobs and volunteering opportunities since her children started at HLS.  She's worked on the PTO,  been an auction chair-member for several years, worked in the library, in extended day camp, and has volunteered in countless ways to better the school.  Although both of her children are entering their college years, she keep returning to HLS because of her love for the students, the staff, the Pastor, the church, and all the many friends and memories she's made throughout all her years at Hope Lutheran.
She has a degree in English Literature, and has taken education and literature classes at ISU. She is currently working on furthering her education in order to become an even more amazing teacher - if that's possible!
In her spare time, she loves to read.  She usually reads over 50 books a year and has almost completed reading all of William Shakespear's collected works!  She also loves to walk both of her dogs, take pictures, travel, spend time with her husband, and continue her Bible Study.
Her class of students keep her inspired and laughing every day!  Her students love art  so much that she has given them their own wall to decorate and hang up their own artwork!  She is constantly looking for ways to make their playground and recess time fun and memorable.
Her teaching style is "Everyone is allowed to make mistakes". She says, "Mistakes teach us more than being perfect!". She aims to start every day with prayer and God's Word. They pray daily in the morning for eyes to be opened, minds to learn, and for God to help us show each other His grace, love, and patience.

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White Team Details

Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:05 p.m.

Our Extended Elementary Program offers your student options for an extended academic track unique to Hope Lutheran School.

Your child will benefit from more focused instruction time as less time is spent in transition from subject to subject.  Our teachers will have more opportunities to introduce new teaching methods into the classrooms.

As always, our focus is on creating a rigorous academic program taught in a caring, Christian environment.

White Team Curriculum

  • Understand that Jesus Christ died to take away our sins
  • Learn Biblical principles through daily Bible stories and relate these Christian concepts to their own lives
  • Know that everything we have is a gift from God
  • Express thankfulness
  • Give praise and adoration to Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Learn weekly memory verse
  • Sorting and classifying
  • Patterns
  • Basic addition and subtraction using manipulatives
  • Basic math facts to 18
  • Beginning geometry
  • Place value and number patterns to 100
  • Money and time concepts with the calendar and clock
  • Measurement using inches and centimeters
  • Fractions and graphs
  • Sound-to-letter relationships
  • Blending sounds into words
  • Oral reading of good quality literature
  • Accelerated Reader program
  • Read independently
  • Changes in people and places over time
  • Basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter
  • Similarities and differences of people
  • Use of globes and maps
  • Weather
  • Objects around us
  • Investigating water
  • Plants and animals
  • Magnets
  • Earth and rocks
  • Letter formation, placement, and word spacing
  • Correct posture
  • Self-evaluation to build independent, neat writers
  • Journal writing
  • Identify loud and soft sounds
  • Describe and create fast and slow sounds
  • Imitate and practice steady beat
  • Hear and sing music
  • Participate in the spring Operetta
  • Introduction to Hand Chimes
  • Refine basic locomotor skills and movement
  • Tumbling
  • Running, tag, and circle games
  • Simple ball games
  • Simple relays
  • Working together and team work
  • Introduction to computers
  • Mouse usage
  • Introduction to keyboarding
  • Experimentation with colors
  • Express individuality through the use of different mediums
  • Learn about famous artists

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